About Us

Our Motivation

Every company has a marketing budget with endless options of where it can be spent. What if a franchised restaurant, operated locally by a team of people living in the communities they serve, decided to partner alongside their community on passion projects because we care. Moe’s Cares.

Could the school music program thrive again? Could the youth football team afford to buy the safest helmets available? Could the local animal rescue afford to save the lives of more puppies? Could we make a difference AND a lasting impact?

Our Goal

Clarity and simplicity. What kind of support is your organization seeking and how can Moe’s assist you in reaching your goals via Fundraising, Food Support, or a Sponsorship Certificate Program?

Our History

Quality Restaurant Group (QRG), one of the fastest growing and largest QSR and fast casual restaurant groups in the country. Founded in 2017, QRG owns and operates 350+ quick service restaurants with over 9,000 employees across 15 states and multiple brands.

Our company was founded with a strong focus on developing a world-class, multi-branded, quick service and fast casual restaurant franchising business. Our leaders have a vision of becoming QUALITY franchisee entrepreneurs that believe in a QUALITY PEOPLE-FIRST culture that drives an unparalleled spirit of customer service for the guests in our restaurants.



Quality PEOPLE-FIRST – We will surround ourselves only with team members who share our values, vision, and desire to succeed


Unparalleled SPIRIT OF TENACITY– A genuine determination to pursue operational excellence


ACCOUNTABILITY – Taking ownership in all that needs to be done


Leading with SERVICE– Treat our guests, our communities and one another with respect


INTEGRITY – Doing not only the right thing, but doing things right, even when no one is looking


True RECOGNITION – Celebrating and respecting even the small successes


Yeah…we Make FUN FOOD and FOOD FUN!

Our Core Values

Our core values spell Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. but the last four focus on our mission-driven values that demonstrate Moe’s truly does care.

  • Leading with Service – treating our guests, our communities, and one another with respect
  • Integrity – Doing not only the right thing, but doing things right, even when no one is looking
  • True Recognition – Celebrating and respecting even the small successes
  • Yeah, we make FUN FOOD and FOOD FUN. – a strong tie-in with the Moe’s brand!

We believe it is the obligation of the business to care about what goes on in our communities because Moe’s Cares, and that’s what we want to communicate.

Today, we operate 67 locations in Jacksonville (13) Gainesville (4), Brunswick (1), Palm Coast (1), Ft. Myers (11), Tampa (11), Tallahassee (6), DC (1), Virginia (8), Maryland (3), Charleston (8)—up and down the East Coast, and more to come!

Welcome to Moe’s™! Moe’s Cares. Let us show you how!

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All participating locations are independently owned and operated by Quality Restaurant Group and Quality Fresca, LLC.